3k Preschool

The School District of Superior has a 3K Preschool Program available that is taught by a DPI licensed early childhood teacher.  This program is a fee based program available to children as they turn 3 years old.  It provides a seamless connection with our Superior Community Preschool 4K program by adhering to the Wisconsin Model of Early Learning Standards. 

Our Superior 3K Preschool Program is available at Cooper Elementary School and Northern Lights Elementary School.

Superior Preschool 3K FAQ
Enrollment starts the first Tuesday in February for the following school year.  

We do accept enrollments all year long however, as children turn 3 years old.  

Enrollment will be online at www.superior.k12.wi.us

Documents needed for enrollment are: 

Certified Birth Certificate, immunization records. and proof or residency

These documents will need to be submitted electronically while completing the online enrollment process OR you can send them to Erin Gray, [email protected], Secretary of the Department of Early Childhood and Family Education 

Fees for our 3K Preschool Program: 

$20 per day

We follow the School District of Superior ECH Calendar (3K & 4K) with classes beginning in September.

Contact the Department of Early Childhood & Family Education with questions

Erin Gray, Secretary 715-394-8790 ext. 51504

[email protected]

Jennifer Willoughby, Director 715-394-8790 ext. 51503

[email protected]