Providing new and exciting opportunities to the Spartan community is what the School District of Superior does best. As such, the School District of Superior is excited to announce that it is officially accepting applications for naming rights for various facilities. These spaces welcome countless students, staff, and Spartan community members to a number of events throughout the year. Some facilities include but are not limited to:

  • Superior High School - Performing Arts Center
  • Superior High School - Commons/Cafeteria
  • Superior High School - Spartan Arena
  • Superior High School - Swimming Pool
  • Superior High School - Library Media Center
  • Superior High School - Spartan Manufacturing Wing
  • Superior High School - Auto Shop Wing
  • Superior High School - WoodShop
  • Superior Middle School - Library Media Center
  • Superior Middle School - Community Events Center
  • Superior Middle School - Athletic Fields

According to Policy 7560 - Naming Rights & Naming School Facilities, the School District may grant naming rights in consideration to recognize contributions made to the district. The contribution may be a financial contribution, sponsorship or the provision of equipment, materials, land or services. These contributions are at the discretion of the District. These sponsorship opportunities are a way for a business to gain exposure in the community, for individuals to dedicate a specific facility that holds a special place for them, or even for an organization to assist the District in achieving its academic goals. Your contribution can make a significant difference in both a student’s life and in your business. If you would like to schedule a meeting or more information, please get in touch with David Coy at 715-394-8700.