Family Resource Center

The Superior Family Resource Center  

The Superior Family Resource Center offers many great FREE opportunities & programs for families and children birth to five:

· Parent & child education classes

· Workshops & training seminars

· Special family activities & events

· Individualized parenting support

· Information on child development & best practice

 Early Childhood Education

The Superior Family Resource Center provides family and early childhood education. We are ready to help you identify your strengths, develop your parenting skills, connect with other families, and discover valuable community resources. Our support and enrichment services are free for all Superior families and designed for children birth to five.  

Check out our Google site for activities, stories, community happenings, and more! Check out our Flyer for playgroup opportunities.  Follow our Facebook page for current opportunities and helpful resources.


What if I have more questions?

Please contact our Early Childhood and Family Education Department secretary, Erin Gray at 715-394-8790 ext. 51504 

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