Superior Online Learning Option

Superior Online  Learning Option(SOLO) 

The goal of the Superior Online Learning Option is to provide quality educational options to help meet the diverse learning needs of Superior School District students.

There are four types of online learning options offered through SOLO at Superior High School:

1.   Full online:  Students enrolled in full online programming wish to complete all of their courses online from home.

2.   Blended online: Students enrolled in blended online programming wish to complete some of their courses online from home and attend some courses daily onsite at SHS.

3.   Online electives: Students wish to attend SHS as full time students and be allowed to take online elective courses not offered at SHS during the school day. (May be a cost associated with this option.)

4.   Credit Recovery: Students who have previously failed a course may take the course online during their school day.

*Acceptance of applications is based on availability, student need, counselor/ administrator recommendation and/or past success with online learning.


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