Staff Appreciation Night-Football

Staff Appreciation Night-Football

32 Spartans Honored During Staff Appreciation Night

By: David Coy 

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September 20, 2022

SUPERIOR, WI - Prior to the Superior High School varsity football game against New Richmond on Sept. 16, 32 Superior staff members were recognized by the 2023 senior class on “Staff Appreciation Night.” 

These staff members were honored for everything they do, inside and outside the classroom. Seniors were asked to nominate a staff member who has made the most impact on their academic career and write a thank you message. Students then accompanied the special guests during pregame and were celebrated in front of a packed NBC Spartan Sports Complex. 

“It’s nice to be recognized and just to know that our efforts aren’t going unnoticed. I think the students really appreciate us,” said Superior High School Digital & Alternative Program Coordinator Sarah Bianchet. “It’s fun to see them grow up over the years. They’re definitely different from when they were in middle school.”


The complete list of honored staff members is detailed below: 

Staff Member Honored

Student Comments

Ryan Hendry

“Thank you for making us work hard on the baseball field, football field, and in the weightroom and always having a way to make it fun.” - Josh Johnson

Kari Olson

“Thank you for making math class fun and enjoyable every day. Thank you also for supporting me during my middle and high school sports.” - Caden Lia

Suzanne Semborski

“Thank you for always being there for me when I needed help. You always have a smile and your positivity can change anybody’s day.” - Isaiah Essien

Kay Gordon

“I can’t thank you enough for the lessons you have taught me not only in the classroom but ever since you have had me in class. Every teacher should strive to be as good of a teacher as you. Thank you.” - Eric Winterscheidt

Jason Kalin 

“Thank you for always being there and believing in me .  You not only were a great coach, but you have taught me how to be a true leader and I am forever grateful for that.” - Carson Gotelaere

Kristopher Leopold

“One of the best coaches and mentors I have met in my life. You always have a great sense of humor and share advice with me whenever I’ve needed it.” - Calvin Darst

Christa Kalin

“Thank you for always having a smile on your face and for making my day better.  Your genuine care and concern for everyone is very much appreciated!” - Hayden Smith

Sarah Bianchet

“Whenever I was in trouble or needed help, you were always the first person I would go to, you helped me all through middle school to my last year in high school thank you.” - Logan Jennings 

Brandee Dittbrender & Tanner Sterling

“Thank you both for all that you do for our team. You keep us all healthy throughout the season and put a smile on our faces everyday.” - Jack Rivord

Jill Prescott-Moerke

“Thank you for being a positive and amazing teacher and person. I am forever grateful for the 5th grade experience you gave me.” - Jason Thomas 

Brooke Rabideau

“Thank you for brightening my high school experience, your class always gives me something to look forward to each day.” - Ethan Evavold 

Aaron Anderson

“You give every spare minute of your day to this team and you always make us better than the best. Thank you 2A!” - Wyatt Pahos

Nick Long

“You have helped me grow to become a better person and have taught me many important lessons. Thank you for shaping me into the man I am today.” - Connor Krueger 

Don Polkinghorn

“Thank you for always making class fun and giving me life skills, thank you Polk.” - Bo Waletzko 

Don Dembroski

“Thank you for pushing me to be the best student I could be and always supporting me in my academic choices.” - Bradlee Mains

Coach Lozon

“Coach Lozon has always been such an encouragement to me.  We all appreciate everything he and his crew do to prepare for practice and games.” - Sam Berthiaume 

Jennifer Carlson

“Thank you for making English class fun and exciting for the 2 years I had you as my teacher.” - Will Lampton

Emily Kelly

“Thank you for making English fun and always guiding me in the right direction.” - Andrew Yingling

Anna Cherney

“Thank you for being my first teacher and leaving such an impact on me.” - Caleb Zimpel

Jon Reker

“Thank you for being a great coach and teacher and always brightening my day.” - Carter Eliason

Sam Urban

“Thank you for being an inspiring coach that makes the sport more fun with just your presence, also thank you for your mullet.” - Ryan Kirk

Kara Downs 

“Thanks for always making my day better and always showing me what a good role model is and making me a better person each day.” - Wyatt Culwell

Chad Postal

“Thanks for making history class fun. Your class was the only fun history class I’ve ever had.” - Colton Vagt

Pete Conley

“Mr.Conley never hesitates to greet me in the hallway. He is always a patient and understanding teacher and also has some pretty cool tattoos.” - Hunter Willis

Brian Denninger

“Mr.Denninger has always been there for me since I was in Elementary School. He would always offer to talk to him during the day and he always made sure I was okay and well for my school day.” - Braedyn Spratford 

Andy Persons

“Coach Persons - Thank you for the energy you bring every day and always going hard.  Thanks for all you bring to our team and for teaching me how to play D line.” - Carter Fisher

Aaron Hiser

“Thank you for always being so understanding for not only me but all of your students. Even though I’m not a fan of history, I always looked forward to your class.” - Chloe Fosle

Sandy Archambeau

“Thank you for always pushing me to do my best through all of my school experience, you always knew how to word things to help me understand.” - Riley Reid

Andria Murphy

“Thank you for always being a great coach and pushing me to do better.” - Natalie Mills  

Mary Anderson-Petroske

“Thank you for always helping me through both mental and academic struggles. Thank you Mrs. A-P for everything you’ve done for me and the other northland students.” - Lucia Fedyn  

Tiffany Mattson 

“Thank you for always helping me through any problem I came to you about. Thank you for being my listening ear when I thought I didn’t have anyone else and thought I was alone, and thank you for pushing me to where I am today!” - Taylor Holbien