Class of 2024

Graduating the Class of 2024

After 13 years of putting in the hard work and dedication, the class of 2024 officially walked across the stage on the 50-yard line at the NBC Spartan Sports Complex on May 31st, 2024. 

With the Superior choirs singing ‘River & Roads,’ a capacity crowd at the complex watched as over 300 Superior High School seniors donned Columbia Blue cap and gown to claim their high school diplomas. The message from district faculty and student speakers to the class was simple: surround yourself with a great support system, and you can achieve anything.

"Some of us are nervous, others excited," said 2023-2024 SHS Student Council President Autumn Cooper. "No matter what your next adventure is, we can all look back at what we have learned, lived, and laughed about here at SHS….. As I narrowed down things we have all learned here during this crazy time at high school, I narrowed it down to three main things: learned how to adapt, be independent and find support when we needed it the most…. If you want to go far, then you will go far. I'm excited to see how far this class will go. Congratulations, class of 2024!" 


The final week of May was packed with special events for the class of 2024. The American Indian Education honor ceremony celebrated eight students. The parent advisory committee gave these students a new and unique graduation stole that they could wear during the SHS commencement ceremony. 

“I am deeply proud I am with all of you and your accomplishments,” said American Indian Parent Advisory Committee Member Amanda Horton. “I am overcome with emotions when I think about your strength and perseverance in times of adversity. Time on this earth is precious, and it goes by quickly. So use it wisely. Take time to slow down and pause to be in the moment and reflect. Every day is a gift. Whatever happened yesterday is said, done, and gone in the wind. Every day is a new day to do something different. Put your best self out in the universe. The world can be an ugly and competitive place. Don’t worry about being the best. Strive to be your best. Finally, I want to acknowledge and commend all of you loved ones who have supported our American Indian students these past four years and who continue to support them as they go out into the world and begin a life for themselves.”


On May 31st, seniors returned to their roots as they walked through the halls of their elementary schools. Current elementary students gave the class high fives and congratulated them on graduating. 


Over at The Historic Superior Post Office,  family and friends looked on as Project SEARCH honored two SHS students as they were awarded their diploma and a Project SEARCH certificate of completion. 


But this journey didn’t start just the other day. It has taken years and years of discipline and hard work to get to this point. The path to graduation begins with our students, who are four or five years old, and they step foot into our schools for the first time. Before you know it, the class of 2036 will be walking across the stage. Until then, congratulations to the class of 2024! Everyone from the School District of Superior can’t wait to see what’s next.