Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As a School District of Superior employee you can receive no-cost, confidential help for a wide variety of needs and concerns.

Up to three free in-person assessment and counseling sessions are allowable for each of the following categories:

Relational and Behavioral Health
Counselors are available 24/7 to assist with needs of any member of your immediate family with...

   ~  Depression
   ~  Stress Management
   ~  Anxiety    ~  Marital Difficulties
   ~  Relationship Problems    ~  Family Conflict
   ~  Alcohol or Drug Addictions    ~  Parenting Concerns
   ~  Problem Gambling    ~  Eating Disorders
   ~  Child and Elder Care    ~  Emotional/Behavioral Needs

Legal Assistance

Counselors may refer you to a telephone and/or one in-person consultation with an attorney.

Financial Assistance
Telephone consultation with a financial consultant to address questions on budgeting, taxes, debt consolidation and medical insurance benefits.

Childcare and Eldercare Assistance
Telephone consultation with a work-life professional to provide information, referrals and resources related to childcare or eldercare concerns.

How the EAP Works
The EAP telephone lines are available 24/7.  Each call is answered by a masters-level clinician who manages each case from beginning to end, including follow-up.  Solutions may include meeting with a counselor for up to three face-to face visits, negotiating medical insurance benefits, referrals to community resources, attorneys, childcare, eldercare or financial services.

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Receive online help athttps://www.workhealthlife.com/ 
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